Resoultions 2008

I guess this is like beating a dead horse at times since many sites run a resolutions thread for the upcoming year. Listening to Coast to Coast AM replay this morning, Art Bell was doing his famous predictions show. So while those might be old hat, it’s always interesting to see what resolutions I stuck to and what I still needed to work on. You can read resolutions from 2006 and 2007 as well.

Looking back on 2007, I did not really get to follow through with some of my resolutions. The Bowflex Revolution I bought has gone relatively unused (damnit!) and the ’68 Cougar, well, she still sits in the garage, on blocks with the motor and transmission out unpainted. But I did make a little progress on her sometimes during 2007. As for exercise, I tell into that 74% I referred to in the 2006 posting, I starting working out and quit. I know excuses are like assholes and I am sure I have many. But like many of my unfinished tasks, most were a result of the time, energy and effort, not to mention stress and pressure of training at work. But that is a story for the new year.

So now that we are hours away from 2007 I look forward to a brand new year as I welcome in 2008 with a Birra Moretti in hand and look back on what I succeeded in accomplishing this year. Successfully passing training and being up for certification for Train Controller at BART was a major accomplishment. The Cougar and working out, well I can give that a shot this year.

The year I met my wife I had given up drinking carbonated sodas and did so for 9 years, until she offered me a Pepsi one night at dinner. Needless to say I fell back into that soda drinking. This year I resolve to give up those beverages again, but beer will still be on my list.

I also intend to clean off the Bowflex and get in better shape, so I don’t get that shortness of breath when I am playing with my son. As an aside, I am also going back to Kung Fu classes, which I started in February of this year, but had to stop due to work. Hopefully when he hits 3 years old he too can start Kung Fu lessons.

Along with numerous house projects and getting the ’68 into a paint and body shop I want to get myself reacquainted with Morse Code or CW for those ham operators in the house. While no longer a requirement for the next license I am going after, it earns up some credibility within the ham community if you know the code. I also have a desire to learn it. And damnit, my son has still not said “da-di-dit” the Mose Code for the letter ‘D’ and I have been saying it to him daily since he was like 3 months old.

Finally, I want to devote more time to the Urban Terror Community. I know many think I have lost my desire and drive to work PR for the community. Many don’t understand this is not a way of life for me, but a hobby. It does not pay the bills and with training on the top of my priority list, everything else was secondary. So we should be welcoming back Urban Radio as we ring in the new year. I will also be much more approachable and “nice” to all gamers.

So to all out there who have supported The 6th Floor, the Cougar, ham radio, Urban Terror and countless other things I am involved in have a safe and great new year. See you in 2008!

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