Reference:”I’ll take that bet!”

On Friday, April 20, I posted a piece titled, “I’ll Take That Bet!” that told of a gamer who believed that, “[in] 3 months to a year the same people that complained before are whining about hit code again.” That is a pretty bold statement, so bold in fact he is willing to put up $50 “that in 6 months we will have the same amount of people complaining about hit detection even though the detection is now solid.

As I posted that fateful day, it was a very “bold claim.” Unfortunately October has come and gone and the number of gamers complaining about hit detection is minuscule. While v4.0 put to rest many of the outstanding hit detection issues, v4.1 improved upon it and the number of hit/no hit claims does not even rank as problematic.

With that said, will the individual who made that outlandish claim come forward to put his money where his mouth is an pay up the $50 he said he would put down? I doubt it will happen, but it just goes to show that the community yelled loud enough, the development team would hear and implement change that benefited all, well all but one in the Urban Terror community.

By the way, if you want to remain anonymous, you can just Paypal the $50 spot to oswald [at] Thanks for taking the bet, but unless you can find a compelling argument as to WHY you think I am right you are wrong, I’ll just let the $50 do the talking. Thanks!

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