For Sale: Urban Terror?

Gamers continue to question the future of Urban Terror after it was mentioned a few times on the Urban Terror Forums that version 4.1 would possibly be the final version of the game. It has been nearly 8 years that the development team has been working on the Quake 3 mod (now stand alone game) that started in late 1999. To this point there has not been $1 made by the team off the development of Urban Terror.

I know BladeKiller and I mentioned this years ago, but we need to have closure on the game. At this point in time I feel we are very close to doing that, but it does not mean the game dies. The community does not see it that way. A day does not go by that I am receiving an e-mail or IRC message asking what are plans are for 4.2 or why Urban Terror is not going to be retail or why we are “quitting.”

First, let me say we have not quit in the past 8 years and we don’t intend to start now. Since most mods are never finished we wanted to put finish the mod and move on to new ventures. So yes, that could mean that at some point in the future there will not be any further development on the Quake 3 version of Urban Terror. It is then up to the community to keep the game alive, but based on the comments I see that won’t happen. If the team is not involved, then supposedly the game is dead.

We retain all rights to the Quake 3 version of Urban Terror. We own a Trademark on the name, “Urban Terror” which means we can use it as a software title in the future. When we were planning MX, we had ideas of taking Urban Terror to a new engine. Will that happen? Right now it is hard to say, I would not rule it out but we won’t commit to anything.

Does there need to be a 4.2? LOL. How about we get 4.1 out before gamers start jumping down our throat for a new version. Honestly, I have no idea where we are on the release of 4.1. I have been out of the loop on development due to work related training (yes, real life, which pays the bills overriding a FREE game). I have no doubts that TwentySeven and BladeKiller will know when the release is ready.

So what is the future for FrozenSand? Urban Terror? We are not saying right now. The team has been working hard on different aspects of development. Will the Quake 3 engine be involved? Again, it’s difficult to say, I would say probably not as it is old technology. We need to look forward to the next generation engines and see what that holds for any future versions (possibly retail) of Urban Terror. I won’t even go into the challenges (costs) of developing a retail project.

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