Quick Update

Where the hell does the time go? I wish I knew, but asking for another hour or two would just ensure me that I would still not get around to all those things that revolve in my life. So it’s been 10 days since the last update and I have somewhat fallen off the proverbial horse when it comes to Urban Terror due to work. I sort of knew I would when we began the “real” training for the aforementioned position I was hired on for at BART.

But that is not all bad, it really takes one asshat to remind me why I should get out. Nothing is ever good enough for some gamers and they feel we never do enough and cannot understand our attitude toward the game. Anyway, I won’t dwell on this fact, there are many gamers who do appreciate what we do.

As for an Urban Radio show. I am going to try and squeeze one in on Saturday, but it is a hectic weekend for me. Probably my only 4 day weekend for the rest of the year and I won’t really want to be hampered by the fact of producing a show in two days and spending 2-3 hours on Saturday prepping and hosting the show. So, the show will be a last minute thing, IF it does indeed happen.

Work has been challenging to say the least. I feel I am keeping up rather well, but there are times where you don’t ask questions and just type what you are told. Remember this is May, we still have six, almost 7 months of training remaining, so some of what we are doing now will only be enforced later on once we begin the OJT portion of our training. We have got a small taste now and then and it’s going to be enjoyable, albeit challenging on a daily basis.

Seems lunch break is nearly over and it is back to the grind for another 4 hours. Another update shortly. I guess I need to pimp my sister’s My Space site too, Sockit 71. You go, Steph!!!

Two Weeks In

Two weeks into the actual Train Control training at “The District” and we have all managed to successful pass our first exam. In retrospect most of the information presented was review, but a bit more depth to what we, as trainees need to know. In reality I am loving this portion of the training. I feel “in my element” finally getting into the nuts and bolts as to what makes our system so successful.

This test was just the first in a series of 6, the final one being the final exam covering the previous 6 weeks of training. I do believe we will all be succssful candidates and move onto the next phase of training that will be 14 weeks of training on the console, which will include some “seat time.”

I am beginning to feel like a real employee, now that we are actually working on our area of work. I believe the other two guys feel the same. There was a time when I was frustrated and sometimes down about the job, but as the saying goes, “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” So things are well at work…more later

“Get out of the way!”

Sometimes I wonder why I even take the train to work, then I remember the price of gasoline seems to only rise, never fall. Not to mention the ride on the train is free. Since that is the case, I should consider myself lucky, STFU and not complain, right? Wrong.

There is a “rider etiquette” maybe it’s known, maybe not. I don’t know. I have seen and heard of the “move to the right” philosophy in order to let riders off. Yet some do not understand this concept. For example, every day on the ride home, I make a transfer at the station immediately after I depart work.

Like clockwork, this is a scheduled transfer point, where my train is on the opposite platform and a horde of riders are waiting to get into the car I want to vacate. Yet, these riders don’t move out of my way when the doors open, they attempt to get into the car, as if the train is going to leave.

JFC people! Give those wanting to get out of the car a pathway and 10 seconds before you wiggle you way around me and others into the car. It makes absolutely no sense and is damn rude. Then again, it IS public transportation!

Things would go so much smoother for everyone if you all took a moment to stand aside, let passengers getting off, out of the car before you attempt to enter. Believe me, the train will not go anywhere without you. It will wait, just like the train I am attempting to get to across the platform.

But, this expectation is really asking way too much of many individuals who ride the train. Those who use this method of transportation know the “rules” and follow them, but for the rest of you…learn them!

Scare Tactics

Sitting in training today we were instructed to listen to an “incident” that took places a few years back and how quickly a situation can go from good to “OMFG!” Now I cannot get into the details of the event, but I was shaken when a key player on the recording suddenly realized what potentially was going to happen. It was not surprising to hear the tone of his voice raised as he frantically tried to right a [potentially] bad situation.

During and after this recording we had a chance to discussion the situation and all the “red flags” that went unnoticed during the 10 minute snippet we heard. Even the initial instructions, I heard them wrong. Which would have placed me in a similar situation if I were in that position. Thankfully I was not and got to Monday Night Quarterback the incident.

Regardless of the incident, myself and the two other trainees discussed the way this was used as a possible scare tactic during training. Now since my initial run in a few months ago I have held back speaking what is truly on my mind sometimes. Thankfully, one of the trainees has 11 years and took up for all three of us.

We are all confident that when we are properly trained we will be able to do the job. Of course the more experience we get, the better we will be. Stands to reason, right? I don’t believe any of us are confident to the point of being cocky about our position and the responsibility being thrust upon us. We wonder every day if we will make it through tomorrow, because we hear many scare type comments come our direction.

The recording did open my eyes a bit that shit happens and when it does things can go bad quickly, but to use it in such a way to scare us is questionable. Hell, I don’t know if I or my other two amigos will make it through training. The way it was sized up today by an individual made us feel a bit worthless and that we are not worthy to do the job.

Hmmm…it was a good experience to hear and discuss, but not one to be used negatively against us, three days into our 7 months of intense training. I think we all understand the seriousness of the position and the responsibility, just interesting to see if come to the forefront so quickly.