QSO: Coming Soon?

Like any other hobby, it takes time to learn. Ham Radio (or amateur radio) is much the same. I have been licensed since 1990, but only as a Technician, which did not allow me operating privileges on the HF (high frequency) bands, those where you find go in search of DX.

In the past few months, I have made great strides in my amateur radio “shack” as well as successfully completing Element 3, I have added an HF transceiver (radio), the Icom IC-718, an LDG Z-100 antenna tuner and a Hustler 6-BTV vertical antenna. This is what my first HF station looks like, not much compared to other, more notables in the world of ham radio, such as Glenn, K6NA and Ken, N6RO. Both of which have many, many years of experience.

So, this weekend could provide me with my first HF QSO or contact. The antenna has been raised and it will be guyed tomorrow, as I connect the antenna to the antenna tuner and finally to the radio. But, this week is more important because N6SV, my father is coming to town on Thursday. He, like K6NA used to contest together back in the late 1970s and through the 1980s. Unfortunately, my father does not contest or DX any longer and most all of his “boat anchors” have been given away.

So, it is my hope and desire to have him sit with me and make a few contacts. You know that father/son bonding moment? While I did take an interest in ham radio back in the day, sports and computers were more of an interest, so that spark I had failed to ignite. Of course you are NEVER too old to become a ham. So with any luck, the sky conditions possibly in our favor and the antenna tuned, we just might get lucky and I will log my first HF QSO.