Resolutions 2007

So, here I sit, another year had passed and WOW how things have changed so quickly. I am looking at what I wrote last year for 2006 – New Year’s Resolutions. My main focus was to find a new job and thankfully I did just that. What started in May ended in October when I was hired by BART. All in all a very good year when it came to a very big resolution that I set.

This year, I hope to duplicate the success I had in 2006, not by finding a new job, I love the company I am at now, but to set and achieve a new goal. One of the gifts I bought the family (aside: I had to use family, not addressing it to my wife, as it could imply something and that was not my intention) a Bowflex Revolution home gym. Yeah, I know there are probably many of you out there who, at one time or another had workout equipment and great intentions to get into shape.

Well, as the saying goes, “we are not getting any younger” and I want to make sure I maintain or improve myself, so exercise and improve on my diet (not to lose weight), loosing fat and gaining muscle. The program will start tomorrow and will last for 6 weeks. After that period, we will see what changes have taken place. After the 6 weeks are up, it is really up to me as to how I want to proceed, maintaining the current group of exercises or changing up the routine.

Beyond that goal, I am setting for myself, most of the other free time will be spent continuing to train for my Train Controller position. Our Train Operator portion ends February 9 and the following Monday we go right into another 14-16 weeks of Power Support training. So it won’t be until about the middle of summer that we actually start training for the position we were hired for. Yet, we are drawing full pay and benefits. Kinda cool!

While not really a resolution, I would like to get the ’68 Cougar…yeah, remember that…into the paint and body shop. I have a few leads on places to take it to. Now to see how I can pay for it through installments as work progresses. That would actually allow the wife to park her SUV in the garage. LOL…the little things.

So, with that said, I hope you all have a great and safe New Years. What am I doing you ask? I will be standing on a platform, downtown San Francisco at Embarcadero Station, directing patrons onto trains for about 6 hours, from 1800-0200. I guess this is something management does every year and it is organized by the department I am in. I should be a good time. Can’t think of a better place to be than on platform, wall to wall bodies, most of which are drunk. Happy New Years! Welcome to 2007!

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