BART Comes Calling

It’s been since September 01 since I mentioned BART and potential employment there. I received a phone call yesterday, while I was sleeping, from the human resource department at BART wanting my authority to contact my current employer for a reference check. Oddly enough, the night before I had e-mailed my contact at BART and we corresponded back and forth a few times, so, as she said “my ears must have been burning.”

After I hung up the phone, I e-mailed the HR rep the information she needed for her checks and then contacted my supervisor and told him he would be receiving a phone call for a reference check. I am hoping this is all a formality. I don’t want to get overly excited quite yet, but all signals seem to be “GO!” when it comes to achieving my 2006 New Year’s Resolution of finding new employment. With any luck we could see a job offer tended before this weekend, which would be outstanding, since my wife and I celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. What a better present to give (or is that get) then a new position, with a new employer.

More just as soon as I find out…

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