BART Update

As posted on July 26 I received mail from BART stating I was on the eligibility list for the position of Train Controller in the Operations Control Center. This after a few initial weeks of not hearing anything about receiving a test date, the start of the entire process. Since opening that letter nothing has changed. I did talk to my friend at BART and she said there has been no offers made or new hire classes started. As I see it, that’s good.

Supposedly the entire list, which consists of four individuals, will be exhausted in the upcoming 12 months. At least that is how I took her e-mail that was quite straight forward with regards to new positions being filled. So now dubbed, “Mr. Candidate” I am still playing the waiting game hoping that job offer comes before the end of the year. It’s not imperative, but would be nice considering we closing in on the final 4 months of the year and a great holiday gift would be to get the hell out of my current situation.

I should receive more information in the coming week as my friend gets back to work and looks into the current plans for new Train Controllers. In a related note, I got a phone call from a guy who worked in my department and he passed along information he had been offered a position at BART, as a Train Operator. He was a good guy and will make a very competent operator. I am sure one day he will make an even better Train Controller. He told me that he had applied for the position a few weeks prior to the Train Controller position being posted and did not want to jeopardize his chance. I considered applying as a T.O. but you start out working part-time, something I cannot afford at this point in life, even going in knowing that full time is guaranteed inside of 12 months. So we continue to wait…patiently.

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