Yes! Yes! Yes!

Good news arrived via mail today! I was a bit hesitant to open the enveloped addressed to me from BART. With anticipation filling my gut I torn open the end of the envelope and removed the letter, but did not unfold it. Maybe I said a little prayer, as non-religious as I am, guess it can never hurt, right? With that, I unfolded the letter and just had to see the first word, ‘Congratulations!’ I was on to the next step, or is that hurdle?

I am very excited at this opportunity that has been presented to me. The success lies squarely on my shoulders now. While the beginning of this process was a bit rocky, with no letter saying I was invited to the test, things have been rolling along very smooth since. I don’t see any reason they will not continue that way, which could find me leaving my current employer and going to a company who values its employees.

The interview process is actually a three step process that will take place this coming Thursday starting at 1100PST. I figure I will get up early, eat and catch the train to Lake Merritt Station arriving about 30-40 minutes early, always makes me feel good to be early. The process, as mentioned is three parts that includes a written exercise, typing test and oral interview. Since I have not had much luck the past few years with the two interviews I have done, I have some concerns. The written exercise will be a snap, I like to write and feel I do it well. A typing test? LOL, seriously, I think my 60 WPM will suffice. But the oral interview…ugh!

I have already contacted, who I consider my mentor. His name is Ken and is a former manager of mine and someone who’s opinion I value highly. He has been the ONLY manager I worked for in San Francisco who actually knew how to manage and was good at it. With that said, I have always approched him wanting his words of wisdom and advice as I go forward. I know he is excited for me, as he wants to see me move on to a more lucrative position in a better company. As of this writing, I have not received a response from him.

I also contacted my friend, who would in essence become my manager if…okay…when I get the job at BART. She is happily on vacation in Spain, but does have access to her e-mail. I sort of feel bad sending her e-mail while on vacation, but I had to pass her the news. Maybe she already knew I was going to get an interview, I don’t know. Maybe this is all a formality? Maybe the job is mine and I am going through the motions? Obviously, I can’t go into the interview thinking that. I need to go in confident and professional in order to be successful and secure the job. Hopefully she has some information to pass on to me.

Finally, I will be calling my buddy who got this train rolling [no pun intended], his name is Jim and I worked with him at my current employer before he left for greener pastures at BART. While I am not going for his position of Train Operator [but I do go through the TO training], he could shed some light on the oral interview process.

I feel confident I can answer any question thrown my way. I might need to sit down the next few days and organize my thoughts and make sure I have some key points that I want to stress that help accentuate my talents.

Hopefully that light at the end of the tunnel is the other side and not an oncoming train that is going to roll over me. Things have been very positive up to this point and now I am ready to take that final step and succeed!