Cougar on Blocks

I sure wish there were more hours in the day or more days in the month. It’s been exactly one month since I did any work on my ’68 Cougar. I take that back, I did one thing, I put the Cougar up on jack in order to get the transmission out. Unfortunately, due to time constants, the transmission is still connected to the drive shaft and in the car. I guess it could be worse, I could have a brand new rebuilt engine sitting in my garage, which I would have to look at every time I went out there. Thankfully, it is not done yet, but I did e-mail the builder to see if he has an approximate date of completion. After reading some of the horror stories about asking when an item, such as bodywork will be done I realized I am in no hurry. No joke.

I have been putting together a small shopping list of items I need in order to accomplish the front end/engine compartment work. That list include stainless steel brake lines, brake hoses for the each front brake, assorted hardware, new master cylinder, rebuilt [Booster Dewey] power booster, rag joint and a rebuilt steering column [rebuilt by fastmerc off]. I figured since I am this far into rebuilding the engine, I might as well take the plunge and replace/rebuild the remaining front end parts in order to avoid problems once the engine is dropped back in. Whenever that may be.

I am debating what the hell I am going to do with the upper control arm, ball joint dust seal. As I mentioned previous, this part mysteriously split, possibly when I was filling it with grease [likely or not?]. Unfortunately, I cannot replace the dust seal without taking apart the entire assembly, which means removing the coil spring and that is not something I really look forward to. Although, with no engine in the bay, it might be a bit easier than when the engine was in the Cougar.

So, while my July 16 target date was realistic, at least I thought it was when I dropped the motor off in May I am guessing October or November before she sees the road again. This is a restoration project, I am in not going to rush just to get the Cougar back on all fours. I want to do it right, the first time.

Lastly, any thoughts about blacking out the front grill, like on the 1970 Cougar? Personally, I think it looks sharp, nothing against chrome or the look of any ’68 Cougar. I have the headlight assemblies off the chassis as well and am planning on rebuilding and paint them as well, I just need to decide if I repaint of the chrome or polish it.

For those going to the Classic Cougar Picnic sponsored by Nocal Cougar Club and The Stray Cats, see you there with your Cougars on July 16!?