Pass the Duct Tape!

I swear I am going to walk into work with my head wrapped in duct tape! I don’t even know where to start. Seeing as shit rolls downhill, let’s start at the top in our department. I can’t speak very highly of the empty skirt in charge. I don’t believe she has ever had any operational experience to speak of. But I guess that does not matter as much as complying with EEOC and making sure those “inside the circle of trust” are taken care, right? I still think she was given the job, rather than actually interviewing for it, this based on the previous department she came from. I am fortunate I don’t have to deal with her, well rarely.

Let’s actually move to those people “supposedly” in charge of the operation, making the decisions that help drive this our company. Is it me, or is there a lack of oxygen to the brain when a man puts a tie on and fills the position of ‘Manager’? Well, we have a very special case in our midst. Now, this guy was nails in his previous position for another department. He was actually a good guy, but now in our department, the tie is causing asphyxiation because his decision making skills are poor. Laughable is more like it. I sit here and try to justify just what the hell he is trying to accomplish, but cannot make ends meet. Guess it’s not for me to figure out. I was not good enough, ah make that “well known” enough [or wore a skirt] to be a manager. Looking back on it, that was surely a blessing in disguise.

My shift allows me to see most all of the supervisors in our department on both shifts. Needless to say, there is a lot of talking between the shifts. It’s always been this way since I started some 11 years ago. Why? The only thing I can figure is that the people on day shift feel they do more work than their counterparts on swing shift. The workload is somewhat imbalanced and weighted towards day shift, but I don’t put much into that fact. Each shift does the same type of work, but operate completely different in order to accomplish their tasks at hand.

Within each shift, there is quite a bit of infighting to a degree. For example a few nights ago a co-worker we will call George complained to me about the lack of support and how he had to work harder, answering radio calls and telephones when working across from another co-worker we will call Frank. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the next night Frank has to stay late due to “operational needs” and when things slow down he stands up and says, “I like George, he’s a good guy. But he is still rather new and not up to speed on the operation. I have to answer his phones and radio calls.” I had to hold back my smile and laugh internally. Now these two co-workers will have an NFG to train shortly, an empty skirt from a now defunct department that was centralized.

I hear the ripping of duct tape over and over as I wrap my head tighter and tighter. I just don’t see how this company stays in business, I really don’t. I know I have said it before, but when [not if, see my positive thinking] I leave I will NEVER support or use this company. They do not deserve my business or yours, for those of you who know the line of work I am in.