Waiting Sucks

I got word today from my friend at BART, that there was an internal posting for the position of Train Controller. They tested the candidates this past week. Now, how do I look at that? I guess I can look at it and say, they did not get enough “qualified internal candidates” the first time they posted the job and wanted another group to test. Does this mean that I was a successful candidate and passed the test? I don’t know. I am “staying positive” and don’t want to read into whats going on internally. You tell me, is it better to be told this information or not? I think it’s worse on my wife to be honest, she is the one going crazy, while I am taking it all in stride. Going back to my previous point, I know I did well on the test, so if interviews are going to be offered based on the test only, then I need not worry. I was also informed that BART is putting together a list of on the job instructors, so progress is going forward. More BART news as I get it…

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