Different Day. More Layoffs.

Here we go again! Our company STILL unable turn anything resembling a profit after coming out of Chapter 11, business reorganization. Seems they did not reorganize as well as they thought. But, I am sure they will cite “rising fuel costs” to their short list of reasons. Our CEO announced, “will eliminate at least 1,000 salaried and management jobs by the end of the year as part of its efforts to reduce costs.” When all else fails, let’s dump leadership. I guess this is better than continuing to cut our pay, which has already been slashed nearly 30% since 2001.

So after some 45% in workforce reduction [since 2001], along with pay cuts by management and concessions by union employees and “outsourcing” the company still cannot figure out how to turn a profit in this day and age. “Employees to be laid off…represent about 11 percent of its 9,400 salaried workers and nearly 2 percent of the company’s work force of approximately 57,000.”

So after surviving a number of “workforce reductions” and three pay cuts, the company once again turns to the workforce in order to save money. “The job cuts are part of a $100 million reduction of general and administrative overhead expenses.” It is still undetermined if any of these layoffs will effect my current position. Based on that previous quote, I am going to say it probably won’t but that does not make coming to work any more comfortable.

Personally, I think the company needs to stop hiring new supervisors at 20% more pay than what I currently make. Yeah, you read that right. Our company has been hiring new supervisors, with no experience at 20% more than what I and other employees in my position make. That was the breaking point when I heard that. The company has already said they will not increase our pay. Not too surprising, but it just continues the frustration we are already feeling.

In other “Office Space” news, I am still waiting to hear back from BART, regarding the results of testing that I attended last week. I did talk to my friend and was told it might have been a “pipe dream” to get candidates hired by June 19. So, that takes some of the pressure off since taking the test and not hearing anything back in a week. I was also told that no interview committee had not been formed. That too, is reassuring.