Big Wednesday…Not the Surfing Flick

I am looking forward to that “next step” in the hiring process at BART. I am still not sure how I should take what “supposedly” happened to my resume. Was it lost? Did I not make the minimum qualifications? Did someone make a phone call? You know what? I have come to realize, if you can’t get a position based solely on your abilities, then use whoever you can to get what you need. I now see nothing wrong with that. Maybe if I were a bit more….accommodating, I guess at my current employer I would be higher up in the pecking order. Then again, maybe not since I don’t wear a skirt. Sexist, yeah. But true, atleast in current department.

So Wednesday I take a test, a 2.5 hour test. In the past I have taken tests for employers prior to being hired or as part of the pre-interview process. The last test I took was called a Wonderlic Personal Test [WPT]. This test assess your aptitude learning a job and adapting to solve problems. Not sure how I scored on the test, but rest assured I don’t want that sort of test again. From what little I have been told its based on “common knowledge” but it has been stressed upon me to finish the test AT ALL COSTS! Regardless of having the correct or incorrect answers, guess you score more points if you answer all the questions.

While I have been out of college for about 10 years now, I still feel confident taking exams. Hell, I know we have had to take numerous yearly exams in my current profession, so they don’t really cause anxiety. Now the interview, that is something different and that is where I believe I come to falter. But I do know one thing, I pass the exam, I will be ready for the panel interview. I have strong enough backing to provide me with the necessary resources in order to be a successful candidate and be offered a job. I don’t want to get too far ahead of my right now, one step at a time. So wish me luck Wednesday, I’ll report back on the test.