It Figures!

Wouldn’t you know it! Today is now June 1, nearly a month has passed since I submitted by [kick ass, if I do say so myself] resume to BART for the position of Train Controller. This would be a serious pay raise, but also get me out of the failing airline industry and a position which is a dead end.

I have patiently been waiting to received word or a letter about being interview [well taking a test] and that I successfully made the test pool. Unfortunately, to date, no word has come. I did receive information last week from my source that a Train Operator has received a letter to attend the test and that I should be seeing something. No letter from BART ever arrived last week.

My friend Paula, did some checking and all be damned. Wouldn’t you know it, BART Human Resources says they “never received my resume.” WTF? Let me say that again, WTF? Now, I could understand that, IF I mailed it or even used their online application. But I hand delivered a copy to an actual person, who not only time stamped the copy I gave them, but I also requested a second copy of my resume and cover letter time stamped, just in case something like this happen.

As I said in the opener, “wouldn’t you know it.” I am sitting here, scrambling now, trying to get in contact with BART Human Resources [I guess they are a 9-6 job] in order to get them my time stamped copy so I can get on the test list because they made the mistake and now I am being punished for it. I still have “people” on my side, so I will do all I can within my power to get this resume to the correct people. Hopefully the proverbial “window of opportunity” has not closed because there was not enough interest from outside candidates.

I will update later today the status of my resume…

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