It Figures: Part 2

So after leaving a voice mail message with a person at BART Human Resources, I received a call about 90 minutes later. I quickly explained my reason for calling again, as I did in the message. And the HR person, said, “we did not loose your resume, I have it in front of me.” Hmmm. Guess that means that I was not officially “qualified” for the position of Train Controller. After spending 3 months observing, riding the train in the control booth and reading their procedures, rules and regulations, I am not qualified. See, just goes to show that HR people can miss a qualified candidate.

Now, I did not ask her why I was not originally chosen and sent a letter. I’m curious, because the outside pool of applicants was not filled and they went inside the company to solicit for more applicants. But I thought better of it and did not ask her why. I am going to assume that Paula or her boss put a call in for HR for my resume to be pulled and me, given a chance to take the test.

Regardless of the intricate details, I have the letter and test date. Step one is now passed. Step two, pass the test and hopefully receive an interview date. The test is scheduled for June 7 at 9:30 and will last for about 2.5 hours.

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