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With my resume completely rewritten earlier this year, I travel to Oakland in order to hand deliver it to the ‘Employment Window’ of BART Bay Area Rapid Transit for the position of Train Controller. This is the best opportunity I have had this year for a chance at new employment.

I have a very good chance at securing one of three positions in this posting. As I mentioned earlier, I have spent quite a few hours learning the position, reading operating manuals and company rules and even riding in the train operator’s booth with a buddy of mine.To say I am excited is an understatement. I think my wife is more excited than I, just because she puts up with all my shit with my current employer. Things have not gotten better where I am at, but they have not gotten worse. Status quo, but some of the lames they continue to hire and promote is amazing! So, while I have not “burned my bridges” here yet, I am couting the days.

The position is open for 12 days [May 12 it closes] and they will accept a pool of applications. I assume it will be another week to ten days to compile a list and do interviews, so the potential of a job offer would not really happen until early June [my guess]. I do have two managers on my side, one of whom I continue to keep in contact with. She is doing some footwork for me and trying to find out who is going to be on the interview committee, which will help give us an idea as to how the interview will go. But first things first, get my resume past HR.

I feel very confident I will be on “the list” and have a very good chance at securing an interview. If I am successful and I do receive a job offer, it will be nose to the grindstone for approximately 12 months, the duration of initial paid training for the position.Wish me luck…more later.

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