Sky’s the Limit

Hey look? A monthly update from Oswald. Hahaha…while time is still not on my side I do have a bit of it and will try to circulate some new material for the Urban Terror community. First, as many have heard or I guess I should say, not heard, Urban Radio has not been on the air since February. Why you ask? You can read the new rant titled, Lost in the Airwaves. Like those who desire to tune in, I do desire to cast, hopefully the show and match coverage will return soon to TsN.

In a SID monthly meeting on TeamSpeak, RabidCow has offered up 32 skyboxes of his own creation. Look for The 6th Floor to host those as soon as they are made available. He has some of the best looking skyboxes around for Urban Terror, each high quality with a professional finish. Don’t believe me? Check out the TwinLakes2 for a taste of what he has done in the past.

ThorN continues work on a new level titled ut_tower. I was offered the latest, ‘7j’ version of the level. As the name implies, the level is NOT vertically challenged. Reminds me of an Action Quake 2 level called Highrise. Anyone? “The r_speeds are currently pretty low and allow for more detail, however not too much detail can be added to the roof because they are creeping on the high end up there. Also when you are on the roof you can barely see the ground with a scope so there isn’t much need for detail from that viewpoint,” says ThorN. For more information and that latest beta version visit,

Last I recall, no means no,” right? Just to set the record straight, once again. DO NOT modify a Silicon Ice Development .map file. That really goes for ANY .map file you might reverse engineer in order to “learn” or “fix.” This will not teach you a damn thing. Ask any level designer in the Urban Terror community. INVIS of Section 8 Studios, as far as I know has been the only designer to include a .map file for learning purposes in his release of ut_automotive, which was released more as a model pak, a tool for level designers. Bottom line, if you didn’t create the level, do not mess with the .map file.

As SID continues in development we continue to see more and more levels that could be included in the upcoming release. Right now, it numbers close to twenty-five levels, which about fourteen are under some form of play testing. There are some new features we are working with, such as a func_wall entity, like that seen in ut_rommel when playing TDM vs CTF. You know those two access points to the tunnel system, closed in one version, open in the other. This will have new meaning and functionality in the next release. A prime example is Casa by SweetnutZ. Think of the blue spawn point, you drop into the game right near a closed gate. With the func_wall entity, that gate is opened for game modes like bomb/defuse and CTF, while it could be closed for TS or TDM. Pretty damn ingenious. Instead of creating an entirely new level for CTF or creating a smaller level for TDM, this entity comes in very handy. Oh yeah, while I am at it, there is no official release of the new .def file for Urban Terror. Once there is a release client for the next release, we will work on making the .def file available to the community.

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