Oswald Rant: Female Gamers: Intro

Growing up through my childhood, I was involved in sports, which taught me team work and that winning wasn’t everything. It also taught me the art of taunting. I can remember such insidious comments as, “You throw like a girl” or “Come on Alice, hit the ball.” It must have been a male thing, but the worst thing to be compared to was a girl.
Nowadays, women are involved in a plethora of professional sports, while the playing field is still not level, there has been a big influx of women into the sporting scene. A lesser known, but not lesser skilled group of females look to level the score and the playing field when they compete directly against, “the guys” in a very male dominate, testosterone flowing cyber world that is online gaming.

Behind a brightly lit (or is that vertex?) monitor, all genders are equal when it comes to connecting to a server and partaking in the action. You could not tell “Bladekiller” from “MightyJoeYoung” when it comes to the gender of the gamer you have just humiliated. The fact is female gamers are out there and enjoy “fragging it up” with the guys, kicking ass and taking names.

What spawned me to delve into the female gamer was a number of things. First, the fact that in the Urban Terror Community, there are many female gamers who enjoy playing the mod. Second, the information provided in an interview over on Planetquake3.net by RogeR, which centered around Jacquie aka “[gOd]geNosG1rl.” Based on some exchanges between myself and a few females, the conclusion was, “that girl totally dissed female gaming!” Although we still think RogeR is a good guy, the females who play Urban Terror wanted to stand up and be heard.

Over the course of the next week, we will talk to six gamers who have a background in gaming, but come from the Urban Terror Community. We will get their thoughts on a myriad of subjects as it relates to gaming. Guys will always lend an ear or turn their head when they hear the term, “female gamer.” This group, while smaller in numbers does play an equal role in an online community. So pull up a chair and get to know some of those who continue to make you their “little boy toy.”

Thanks to Vampyress over at Terroristz.net, she was able to help me get in contact with a few female gamers from Europe, as I was able to secure some interviews from females here, in the United States. We will be talking to, Felicity, Vampyress, BladeKiller, MsC, MJY and one more I am still chasing. Coming up tomorrow, part one of our series, where we get to know Felicity.

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