Changes in the Wind

There has been a small union between Urban Terror and The 6th Floor. I will now supply the 6th Floor Poll on the main page. Kinda cool. Next, I want to say thanks to everyone who has made this site quite popular. As the counter reads, I finally surpassed 50,000 hits! I guess we can call that a milestone. One on which I am going to build on.As for the changes. I may or may not keep the Action Quake 2 information available here. I am going to convert this over to an Urban Terror map site. There will be a plethora of things for mappers and those interested in Urban Terror. Although I will not be giving away development team secrets, I feel I can be more myself here. As for the information I have on AQ2, I will turn the reviews over the AQMD. This transition may not happen overnight, but I expect to follow through with this plan.The recent news on Urban Terror, well there still has been no beta released. Although Preacher has put a call out for some help:

“Silicon Ice Development, makers of Urban Terror is in need of more animators!!! Nobody quit or was removed from the team or anything like that. The simple fact is our animators are over worked. This in no way, shape or form will effect our beta release. BUT! We would like to have as much done as possible before our release. So if you have some skills animating models, and you really know your stuff. E-mail us as soon as possible. Please have some work ready for us to review.” So if you are good at what you do or your name is Paul Steed, then contact us and we will review your work. Unless your name is Paul Steed, then you are “in” with the development team =)

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