Dataplate Information: 8R93J510922
Year: 1968
Assembly Plant: San Jose, California
Body: XR7, Hardtop
Engine: 302-4V
Unit Number: 10922
Exterior Color: Augusta Green Poly.
Interior Color: Med. Saddle Levant Grain Vinyl & Med. Saddle Leather
Date Codes: 24 January
DSO Codes: Oakland, CA
Axle Codes: 3.50 Non-locking
Transmission Codes: C-4 Automatic

The first order of business when I started working on my Cougar was to rebuild the front suspension. Seemed a logical place to start. I consulted the manual, purchased a performance front end rebuild kit from Performance Suspension Technology, along with new brake parts from a local parts shop.

While rebuilding, I decided to use a bit of “elbow grease” to clean up the front end and each wheel well. I completely striped each wheel down to the spindle, which was then cleaned, painted and reassembled. The wheel well was gone over with a steel wheel before painted with a rubberized under coating.


With the front end completely rebuilt, it was time to rebuild the rear end. I had one leaf spring that was cracked, so I ordered up a new set [including hardware] from Mustang’s Plus. I had heard horror stories about the main eye bolt not wanting to break loose, but overall the work on the rear went rather quick. I also cleaned up the axle and in doing so had to replace the brake line.

Once I had cleaned and degreased the rear axle, I pulled off the axle codes, primed and then painted the axle semi-gloss black. The rear drum brakes were also completely rebuilt with rebuild kits from Mustang’s Unlimited. Again, very straight forward work and no difficulties. The Cougar now stops and rides like a champ!


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